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Interim COO, CFO, CIO, CHRO, Executive Roles

Many of San Diego’s most successful small businesses find that having a trusted executive advisor to support them is critical. At Witt & Associates, serving our clients needs with executive advice or interim COO, CFO, CIO, and CHRO is an important part of what we offer.

If your business is growing or just changing a lot, you might need some short-term executive support, with no strings attached. Maybe it is as simple as a conversation with a trusted advisor who brings with them exceptional experience but no agenda. Or perhaps what you really need is a personal breakthrough, just a little push and a bit of coaching to let out your inner winner.

Wealth of Experience As your Executive Advisor we bring our decades of financial and executive management experience to your team. We’ve helped executives focus their attentions on key performance metrics that have enabled growth at a phenomenal, and we’ve guided businesses dependent on the banking industry to profitability even during the recent financial crisis. We’d be happy to review some of our success stories with you.

Seasoned Professionals

How about bringing in a first rate COO, CFO or CIO for just a while, until you build your permanent organization.

We have seasoned, accredited professionals who have a wealth of experience in the capacity of Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Information Officer for new startups or existing businesses.

The truth is, most growing organizations need Advisory Support from time to time. That’s why Witt & Associates Executive Advisory Support Services are a cornerstone of every client relationship.

Personal Contact

Our advisory services for small businesses depend on significant personal contact with Witt & Associate consultants. For our La Jolla and San Diego clients our engagements generally include a lot of face to face interaction. However, we have clients in Europe and Asia where Skype videoconferencing or GoToMeeting is the preferred communication style. Whatever your preference, whatever your need, we provide the support and service you deserve.

We have helped entrepreneurs launch the business of their dreams. We can help you use your skills and your talents in new ways to move through the challenges of growing your business and chart a course for where you need to go.