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As a trusted La Jolla CPA and provider of executive small business coaching services in San Diego, we know: Launching an enterprise takes an entrepreneur with unstoppable drive, ingenuity, passion and a fair dose of genius. It takes funding and good fortune. Whether it’s a startup company or simply a new product line for a mature small business. It takes all this plus dedicated employees who thrive on being a part of something that’s never been before -- the next big thing.

And then, when the venture is gathering steam, it needs something else.

We’ve all heard the stories of entrepreneurs who can create but not maintain the enterprise. It’s true that the skill set for launching a business is different from those needed to grow it. At Witt & Associates, we don’t believe they are mutually exclusive.

Executive Coaching

We help entrepreneurs grow their dreams into profitable, stable businesses. We do it by teaching entrepreneurs how to stay ahead of their business. Unlike most of our competitors, who simply look through the rearview mirror at the history of a company through the financial transactions that have taken place, we show our clients how to look through the windshield into the future and get their business ready for what lies ahead.

We can provide small business executives with interim Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer or Chief Executive. At times what small businesses executives really need might be Executive Small Business Coaching.

We coach small business executives by showing them what to watch for in the world business climate; how to read global business trends and then get in position to benefit from them. We help our small businesses and entrepreneurs create a strategic business plans that will chart their course for years out and yet can allow them to react positively to changing market conditions -- the kind of changing conditions that can take a company down.

We guide them in thinking about their clients, how they got them and where they need to focus to keep them. And we know what they need to do to go from a handful of loyal employees, to a company of top-notch talent that is focused and moving forward.

We have a number of testimonials where clients have told us that our executive coaching has saved their business because we support them with the kind of world-class business acumen and wide ranging experience that they just don’t have.

Realizing Your Dream

What’s your dream? More importantly, what’s in the way of realizing it? Is it funding you need? Or are you grappling with keeping up with exploding sales? Have you hit a plateau and find you just don’t know how to break through? Or have you survived a tough economy, but just barely.

Whatever the challenge, whenever it arises, we are there to support you with straight talk and rock solid advice. You have a dream and the drive and know-how to bring it to life. We know how to help you grow that dream into an enterprise that makes an impact.

Your dream and your talent combined with our Executive Small Business Coaching. We can show you how Witt & Associates partners with small business executives to grow their companies and reach their goals.